Thank you for your interest in visiting my website!  :) 

I have been a makeup artist for 8 years now and I have had the pleasure of  working with over 50 brides in just the past few years! 


I personally feel that all women are beautiful and it is our duty as a makeup artist to acccentuate that natual beauty.


I always feel that women look the best when they look like themselves and many brides have engaged me because they like my natural style. 


At the same time, I try to deliver my knowledge to many women to make them beautiful not just as a pretty face but as an individual. 

Part of my working strategy is to deliver flawless makeup and hairstyling for your  important day. I love to get to know you better, by asking the right questions, I   collect more information on your likes and dislikes.

I'm a professional hair and makeup artist !